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    iPower 1000w Watt Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp MH Grow Light Bulb For Sale

    iPower 1000w Watt Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp MH Grow Light Bulb

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    iPower 1000w Watt Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp MH Grow Light Bulb:

    GLBULBMDEHG1000 iPower Double Ended Enhanced Performance 4000K/6000K/10000K Metal Halide MH Grow Light Bulb Lamp At HPS Grow Light Store, we are proud to feature iPower Grow Light, the best-selling grow light system on ! Our flawless ratings, responses and praises are not just vouches of excellence but returning customers, ranging from single-light to hundred-light setups, time after time.

    • Double Ended 1000 Watt 4000KMH Bulb
    • Double Ended 1000 Watt 6000KMH Bulb
    • Double Ended 1000 Watt 10000KMH Bulb
    • PAR : 1400μmol/s, Initial lumen 100000, .New improved horticulture lamps that use super high output technology to achieve maximum vegetative growth and maximum flower yield. New long lasting life with a high lumen output and low energy consumption
    • Features High Blue Spectral Ratios for Great Photosynthesis Efficiency and Vegetative Growth
    • Specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts
    • Horticulture 1000-watt Metal Halide MH Double Ended Grow Light Bulb
    • The 4K/10K Metal Halide is the best spectrum used for vegetative growth to encourage shorter node spacing and bushier plants
    • Double Ended 1000 Watt MH Bulb
    • 8000 Hours Lifetime
    • 4000K Color Temperature
    • 6000K Color Temperature
    • 10000K Color Temperature
    WHY OUR CUSTOMERS KEEP SHOPPING WITH US SECURE & HASSLE FREE SHOPPING All items are covered by manufacturer warranty FAST SHIPPING Most orders ship within 1 business day. Customer also can choose one-day or expedited shipping. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED HPS Grow Lights' commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for New items and a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee for Recon!
    • 1 Year Limited

    Buy Now


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