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    Wheatgrass Cloning Tray 10" x 20" HEAVY DUTY Kit Vented Humidity Dome 1020 FAST For Sale

    Wheatgrass Cloning Tray 10

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    Wheatgrass Cloning Tray 10" x 20" HEAVY DUTY Kit Vented Humidity Dome 1020 FAST:

    WE SHIP OUT SAME DAYFAST!Wheatgrass Cloning Tray 10" x 20" Propagation Kit HEAVY DUTY (Compare to competitors flimsy 24.00 dollar kit this unit will last ) Vented Humidity Dome 1020 w/ Vents No drain holes. Vented dome, the largest / tallest made in the industry!Great for cloning plants that require elevated humidity levels. Vents allow for slow humidity release and a curved design prevents condensate drip onto your clones and seeds.Widely used for leafy green, wheatgrass and micro greens production etc...Durable and long-lasting. Humidity dome ensure sufficient light penetrationwhile keeping elevated moisture levels plants need for vegetative growth and root development.
    • 2.5 in tall black tray and 7-Inche tall clear Dome.
    • 10" x 20" length and width
    • Bottom lip for a snug fit
    • High level light penetration
    • Two vents for humidity control
    • Durable, crack resistant
    • Handle for removal
    If for any reason our customers are unsatisfied We Guarantee your money back.Wepack carefully and shipsame daywhen possible.FASTFREE SHIPPING in the Continental US.We respect pandemic guidelines and take care preparingpackagesaccordingly
    Buy Now


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