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    Waterproof LED Grow Light Strip Full Spectrum Lamp for Indoor Plant Veg Flower For Sale

    Waterproof LED Grow Light Strip Full Spectrum Lamp for Indoor Plant Veg Flower

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    Waterproof LED Grow Light Strip Full Spectrum Lamp for Indoor Plant Veg Flower:

    Product Feature
  • Complete new LED with a long lifespan. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, greatly reducing power consumption.
  • Waterproof flexible LED strip, no setup required. Easy to install.
  • Do not require ballasts and produce considerably less heat than fluorescent lights.
  • Plants under LEDs transpire less, as a result of the reduction in heat, and the time between watering cycles is longer.
  • Induction Switch: When your hand is near to the LED strip Switch within 10 cm, the LED strip will turn on, when you wave again, it will be turned off.
  • Optimum for all stages of plant growth. We have different lengths for your choice. Keep plants healthy and thriving.

  • How To Use
  • 1.Cut (As needed): Cut On the Cut Marks (White Lines) on the strip to the desired length.
  • 2.Peel: Remove the adhesive backing on the strip.
  • 3.Firmly press the strip in the desired place and connect the USB to the USB port.

  • Product Specification
    Type LED Grow light Material Plastic Waterproof IP65 LED 1M/60LED 2M/120LED 3M/180LED LED Type SMD 3528 Light Color UV Beam Angle 120 degrees Voltage DC 5V
    Package Included
  • 1 x USB LED Grow Strip Lights

  • Location Descriptions
    In order to improve buyer's purchasing experience and let the buyer receive items as soon as possible, we currently set four warehouses in diffirent cities of United States : one in Fremont, California; one in CITY OF INDUSTRY, California; one in Whippany, New Jersey; one in Monroe Township, New Jersey. When the order is generated, we would send the item to the buyer from the nearest warehouse with sufficient inventory to the order receiving address. Hope you could get your item soon,if you have any problem,please contact us by email. Thanks for your understanding and support in advance!
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