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    Murashige and Skoog (MS) Medium Powder Yield 3000 ml (+Hormones,+Sucrose,-Agar) For Sale

    Murashige and Skoog (MS) Medium Powder Yield 3000 ml (+Hormones,+Sucrose,-Agar)

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    Murashige and Skoog (MS) Medium Powder Yield 3000 ml (+Hormones,+Sucrose,-Agar):

    Item: Murashige and Skoog (MS) Medium Powder Yield 3000 ml (+Hormones, +Sucrose, -Agar)
    • Murashige and Skoog (MS) Dehydrated Medium Powder, to make 3000 ml essential medium,USA product, GMP product (note: MS medium made in USA, BA/NAA made in China).
    • Plant hormones/regulators and sucrose are included in this order and packed separately.
    • Flexible for users to prepare medium with desired concentrations of hormones and sugar.
    • This product does not include agar or other gelling agents. User needs to add agar if pouring agar nutrient gel.
    Size & Package:
    This listing product includes 4 items, packed separately as shown in listing photos:
    • 16.5 gram Murashige and Skoog (MS)Medium (Dehydrate Powder), to make 3000 ml medium (3 Liters or 0.77 gallon).
    • ThisMurashige and Skoog contains MES (1.0 g/L). MES is applied as a buffer in plant tissue culture media, MES is non toxic for plant tissue and plant cells and makes almost no interactions with inorganic cations present in the medium. MES is an excellent buffer for use inplant tissue culture media,because of its high buffer capacity and its pH range of 5.5 - 6.7.
    • 100+ mg (0.1g) BA (6-BA or 6-BAP, or 6-Benzylaminopurine), plant hormone/growth regulator, packed separately, commonly used concentration 1 mg/L.
    • 100+ mg (0.1g) NAA (Sodium Alpha-Naphthaleneacetic Acid), plant hormone/growth regulator, packed separately, commonly used concentration 0.1 mg/L.
    • 15 grams sucrose, packed separately, commonly used concentration 0.5 - 5%.
    Uses and Storage:
    • For cloning and growing plants
    • For lab and hobby projects of plant tissue and organ culture
    • Long-term storage: sealed tightly, wrapped with foil and stored in refrigerator (4-10°C)
    • Fast shipping US domestic via USPS First Class Mails and globally via Global Shipping Programme (GSP)
    Other Information:
    Some opinions on plant tissue/cell culture:
    • Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium is a good start, but culture media depend a lotson the plants you're working on; check the literature for previous work.
    • MS medium is quite good for induction of non-organized growth (callus), but may prevent plant organogenesis.Half strength MS (MS/2), Gamborg’s B-5 Mediumand HalfGamborg’s B-5 Mediummay be the alternatives to reduce plant vitrification/hyperhydricity.
    • Microbial contamination is still the top issue in plant tissue/cell culture for both amateur and professional.
    • A decrease of sucrose concentration and an increase of CO2supply may reduce fungal/microbial contamination.
    • Consider co-culture of plant tissue/cell with its naturally associated microorganisms if stubborn contamination occurs.
    • Check our contamination inhibitors SHY and TICO, natural plant/microorganism extracts.
    Other similar items in our store (new): (MS based with Gamborg's vitamins plus mT forCannabaceae Family& other hard to grow plants)
    Cannabis Multiplication Medium with meta-Topolin and Agar (105g or 3.7oz to make 3000 ml) Cannabis Multiplication Medium with meta-Topolin https://www..com/itm/133420800014
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