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    Microgreen Seeds and Growing Supplies For Sale

    Microgreen Seeds and Growing Supplies

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    Microgreen Seeds and Growing Supplies:

  • We are excited that you have decided togrow Living Fresh Foods Microgreens. Your decision to order the Resupply Kit isan encouragement to us who have worked and prayed for a body of customers thatwe could help gain access to healthy nutrition. The growing experience is meantto be fun and hopefully you are sharing with others. Once you get your seed andharvest time in sequence, you will find that you are going to want to havethree or more Grow Kits growing all the time. When you reach this level ofenjoying Living Fresh Foods you will “Catch the Wave of Nutrition”TM.
  • The Resupply Kits were designed to keepfood costs in line and affordable. Additional Crops are available for you toexperience many new tastes, colors, textures and nutritional elements. More delicious Crops are in development.
  • Why are Microgreens nutritional value different from farmcrops? Seeds that are planted in farmland, use most of their energy to build adeep root system for finding water and bioavailable nutrition. Due to the lackof natural minerals in our soil from poor plant rotation and years of spraying pesticides,our food supply has been compromised. With your Microgreens Growing Kit, your Seedswill use their natural energy to develop a full array of nutrition. Microgreenscan pack as much as 5x to 40x times the nutrition of a full-size plant. The reason forthe nutrition boost is that your food is grown in a perfect growingenvironment. All the required elements come to your plants allowing theirenergy to stay in the leaves instead of being used for developing deep roots. Yourfood will be hydroponically grown to promote your Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds toprosper. Your food is fertilizer and pesticide free. Provide your Crops with a little bit of indirect sunlight, water and enjoy the full nutrition experience.

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