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    Mars Hydro TSW 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Hydroponics for Indoor Plants For Sale

    Mars Hydro TSW 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Hydroponics for Indoor Plants

    Buy Now

    Mars Hydro TSW 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Hydroponics for Indoor Plants:

    Features of Mars
    Mars Hydro TS 600W Led Grow LightFeatures of 2020 New
    Mars Hydro TS 2000W Led Grow LightMarvelous PPFD Value
    • TS can provide your plants with
    • High PPFD value, up to 2.6μmol/J.
    • While its average price of per unit
    • density is very cheap.
    Marvelous Heat Dissipation
    • High-quality radiators can effectively heat the lamp, its heat is very low when used. So the lamp does not need a fan design.
    Marvelous HPS Replacement
    • HPS/HID 400W best replacement,
    • whileconsuming 300 watts of actual power.
    Marvelous Customer Care
    • US local repair center. We are capable of offering domestic warranty for growers. We are always here.
    Marvelous Luminescence
    • The luminescence of TS is similar to HID's, to meet the needs of growers with HID lights perfectly. Meanwhile TS has high luminous efficiency.
    No noise, Appropriate Temperature
    • Since there is no fan, you don't have to endure the noise when you turn on this light as you did with others.And this TS has the same temperature as the HID lamp.
    Mars Hydro Mars
    Mars Hydro TS 600W Led Grow LightMars Hydro
    TS 2000 Led Grow Light
    • Sunlike Spectrum

      Colors of white, red and blue, great for all stages of plants growth.

    • Marvelous Design

      With simple structure and light weight,it's easy to hang and use.

    • Zero Noise

      No fan, no noise. Feel free to put it anywhere you want.

    • Upgraded Extension Power Cord

      Added an extension cord,you can easy to remove the drivers to room

    • Dimmable Brightness

      new design dimmable driver,you can easy to adjust the power as your needs.

    • Local Warehouses

      Free shipping from US local warehouse.Plain package with US plug.

    • Model: Mars Hydro Mars TSW 2000
    • Noise Level: 0 DB
    • Number of Leds: 684pcs
    • LED Type: Newest Epistar SMD Wattage(+-5%): 307.8W/110v; 300.2W/220v
    • Amp Draw: 2.551A/110v; 1.316/220v
    • Core Coverage: 3ft × 3ft = 90cm × 90cm
    • Max Coverage: 4ft × 4ft = 122cm × 122cm
    • PAR Value: 910 μmols
    • Lumen Output: 50909Lm±5%@AC120V HPS/HID/MH: 500 watt
    • Product Size:21.2 x 19.6 x 3.7inch=53.9cm x 49.9cm x 9.5cm
    • Product Weight: 3.72KG
    • Input Voltage: 85V-265V(AC)
    • Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
    • Life Rating: 50000-100000hrs
    • package included:1xTSW2000 light+1xtimer+1xThermo-hygrometer+1x Hydro TSW2000 led grow light hydroNumber of leds684 pcsLED TypeNew SMD Wattage(±10%)308W/110v; 300W/220vAmp Draw2.551A/110v; 1.316/220vCore Coverage3ft × 3ft = 90cm × 90cmMax Coverage4ft × 4ft = 122cm × 122cmCore PAR Value715 μmolsLumen 50729Lm±5%@AC240VReplace HID/HPS/MH400 wattLight Size21.2 x 19.6 x 3.7inch=53.9cm x 49.9cm x 9.5cmCord Length2mLeds View Angle90°/120°MixedInput VoltageAC85-277VFrequency Range56~60HzLife Rating50000-100000 hoursNoise Level0 DBNet Weight3.72KG/7.9IBS

      Indoor Grow Tent Match: 4'x4'tent
      Check More Hot Mars Light Tent Combo

      Package and Shipping Package and Shipping
      • 1 x Mars Hydro TSW 2000 led grow lights hydro
      • 1 x Hanging kits
      • 1 x User manual
      • 1 x Yoyo hangers
      • 1 x Power cords(Local standard)
      • Discreet package guaranteed
      • Local free shipping with 24 hours,3-6 business deliver days
      • No customs,duty free.
      • Discreet package guaranteed.
      • Mars Hydro official sale,100% safe for use.
      Mars Hydro SP Series LED Grow LightModelSP 150Dimmable SP 3000Dimmable SP 6500Number of LM301B

      OSRAM 660


      Samsung Yield2.0 g/w2.8 g/w2.8 HPS/HID/MH250W400W1000WVeg Coverage2ft x 3ft at 18"4ft x 5ft at 18"3.5ft x 5.5ft at 18"Flower Coverage1.5ft x 2.5ft at 12"2ft x 5ft at 12"3ft x 5ft at 12"Recomment Tent2'x2'x5'4'x2'x6'4'x2'x6'Mars Hydro TS Series LED Grow LightModelTS600Dimmable TS1000Dimmable TSL2000Dimmable TSW2000Dimmable TS3000Number of Yield1.8 g/w2.3 g/w2.3 g/w2.3 g/w2.4 HPS/HID/MH150W250W400W400W600WVeg Coverage2ft x 2ft at 16"3ft x 3ft at 16"3ft x 5ft at 18"4ft x 4ft at 18"5ft x 5ft at 18"Flower Coverage1.5ft x 1.5ft at 12"2.5ft x 2.5ft at 12"2ft x 4ft at 14"3ft x 3ft at 14"4ft x 4ft at 14"For 2 x 2 ft Tent Space11---For 3 x 3 ft Tent Space2111-For 2 x 4 ft Tent Space21111For 4 x 4 ft Tent Space43211For 5 x 5 ft Tent Space-4221Mars Hydro FC Series LED Grow Light ModelDimmable FC 3000Dimmable FC 4800Dimmable FC 6500Number of LEDs


      Samsung LM301

      OSRAM 660


      Samsung LM301

      OSRAM 660


      Samsung LM301B

      OSRAM Yield2.5 g/w2.5 g/w2.5 HPS/HID/MH400W600W1000WVeg Coverage4ft x 4ft5ft x 5ft5.5ft x 5.5ft"Flower Coverage3.5ft x 3.5ft4ft x 4ft5ft x 5ftRecomment Tent3'x3'/4'x4'4'x4'/5'x5'5'x5'Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tent KitGrow Tent Size24" x 24" x 55"
      2' x 2' x 4.5'
      60 x 60 x 140cm27" x 27" x 63"
      2' x 2' x 5'
      70 x 70 x 160cm48"x24"x70"
      120x60x180cm39" x 39" x 70"
      3' x 3' x 6'
      100x100x180cm48" x 48" x 78"
      4' x 4' x 6.5'
      240x120x200cmMaterial1680D Fabric,
      All metal1680D Fabric,
      All metal1680D Fabric,
      All metal1680D Fabric,
      All metal1680D Fabric,
      All metal1680D Fabric,
      All metal1680D Fabric,
      All metalVent Size (Qty/Diameter)1 x 3",2 x 6",1 x 8"2 x 3",2 x 6",1 x 8"2 x 3'', 2 x 6",1 x8''2 x 3'', 4 x 6",2 x8''2 x 3'', 6 x 8"2 x10''2 x 3", 2 x 8", 4 x 10"4 x 3", 2 x 8", 4 x 10"Micro-mesh Window(Qty* L/W)2*7"×12"3*7" x12"1*5" x 18"; 2*5" x 10"3*5" x 12"3*5" x 18"4*7" x 20"6*7" x 20"Door Qty1 front door1 front door1 front door1 front door,
      2 side doors1 front door,
      2 side doors1 front door,
      2 side doors2 front doors,
      2 back doorsNet Weight6.4 KG / 14.1 lbs7.4KG / 16.3lbs10KG / 22lbs15KG / 32lbs17KG / 38lbs17KG / 38lbs17KG / 38lbsGross Weight6.4KG / 17 lbs8 KG / 17 lbs10 KG / 22 lbs11KG / 24 lbs16 KG / 36 lbs19 KG / 42 lbs26 KG / 58 lbsOverall Capacity40 KG / 88 lbs70 KG / 154 lbs50 KG / 110 lbs70KG / 154 lbs70KG / 154 lbs100KG / 220 lbs120KG / 264 Recommend Recommend responseCustomers response on Mars Lights

      • Keywords:2020 best sunlike full spectrum light,Energy saving, replace HPS/HID/CMH,ETL safety certified, fireproof parts inside, no risk of fire or burning, high efficiency, dimmable driver,high par, high lumen. Famous brand since 2009
      • Various Use: Hydroponics, hydro, soil, aquaponic, greenhouse, horticulture, indoor garden, farm, grow cabinet, home depot, office, exhibition, gardening, breeding
      • All Types of Plants: Medical plants, tomatoes, peppers, chills, lettuce, orchids, strawberry, bonsai, flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, houseplants, green leaves
      Q&AQ&A1. When will my order be shipped?Your order will be shipped within 24 business hours after we receive your cleared payment. Local stock in US/Canada/Europe/UK/AU. The delivery will take 2-7 working days for US/Canada buyers and 3-8 working days for European buyers. No custom tax is needed if shipped locally.2. Are you Mars Hydro factory? Are the items authentic?Yes. We are Mars Hydro factory as you can see our store name is "marshydro". We sell 100% authentic MarsHydro products with lowest factory price. Beware fake sellers who copy our photos/brand but sell our products at low price.3. What can I grow with your led grow lights? Great for all stages?Mars lights are great for all types of plants such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, medical plant, herbs, bonsai, fruits, etc. Our lights can be used in all growing stages from seedling to veg to flowering and harvest.4. Can I grow plants with my HPS together with LED?Yes, you can, with a ratio of LED and HID/HPS of 2:1 or 1:1, you can get better growing result, bigger and higher quality buds.We are Mars Hydro Factory

      5-year warranty for FIXED price light. Warehouse and Repair center in US

      12-year manufacturer history in led light. The brand that can be trusted.

      AU/US/Canada/EU/UK warehouse available. Local fast shipping. No tax.

      We are Mars Hydro FactoryWe are Mars Hydro Factory


      Mars Hydro LED Grow Light

      Big Harvest-High Quality-Great Service

      Store PolicyStore PolicyPayment
      • PayPal payment only.
      • Please pay within 7 days, or will open unpaid case for it.
      • For order cancellation, please inform us within 7 days.
      • Wordwide warehouse available. Local fast shipping, and no custom tax is needed.
      • We ship to your /paypal address. For change of address, please contact us after your payment.
        • Our buyers will enjoy a 30-day return of goods without any reason. Exchange or refund, it is up to the buyer.
        • 5-year manufacturer warranty(We are Mars Hydro factory, and you are welcome to connect with us in case of any warranty issue.)
      Contact Mars HydroSign up for NewsletterClick to Visit StoreContact Mars Hydro

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