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    Keiki paste for orchids cloning- 5 g For Sale

    Keiki paste for orchids cloning- 5 g

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    Keiki paste for orchids cloning- 5 g:

    Lanolin paste with hormones for inducing keikis in phalaenopsis orchids- 5 grams by weight. Enough for tens of applications!

    Peel off the bract and dab a bit of keiki paste onto the exposed nodal tissue in order to produce keikis in several orchid genera- primarily dendrobium and phalaenopsis, but also oncidiums, odontoglossums- apply to dormant "eyes" of cattleya-alliance genera to inspire production of new growths.

    5 grams of keiki paste equates to tens of applications. All growth regulators dissolved in appropriate, non-toxic solvent before mixing with lanolin.

    Please note that we sell keiki paste by weight, not by volume; the screw-cap container is not filled with paste, but we pack each one individually with over 5 grams of paste.

    See also our sales for O753 stem propagation medium for going about it the more difficult way- in vitro.

    International orders will ship in resealable foil pouches. The packaging is different, but we add in 1-2 grams more product to more than make up for what is lost.

    International orders now ship with tracking. The additional fees in shipping reflect this, and I apologize- I'm not making money on shipping. International shipping has become very expensive.

    Please contact us if you are not satisfied or don't receive your product- don't just leave bad response. Send us a message so we can put things straight. Thank you!

    Buy Now


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