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    Brand New Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Garden 39" x 39" x 6.5" For Sale

    Brand New Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Garden 39

    Buy Now

    Brand New Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Garden 39" x 39" x 6.5":

    Brand New 39" x 39" x 6.5" Ebb & Flow Hydroponic GardenIncluded: -9 5L pots -Hydrocorn (Enough to fill 9 pots) -3' x 3' x 6.5" Flood Table -15 gallon reservoir -250 mph submersible pump -Eco Air 2 air pump with 2 airstones -Woods analog timer -All necessary fittings and hoses -Durable stand -Nanolux 315 ceramic metal halide grow light with bulb -Pulleys for adjusting lights
    Reservoir has drain and easy access port for adding, draining, and checking nutrients & pH.Also, comes with basic instruction on growing with an ebb & flow system, nutrient charts, and do's & don'ts.
    We accept returns within 14 days, customer pays shipping plus possibly up to 10% restocking fee.

    Buy Now


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