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    Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth 250mL - leonardite potassium humic acid fulvic For Sale

    Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth 250mL - leonardite potassium humic acid fulvic

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    Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth 250mL - leonardite potassium humic acid fulvic:

    Brand New!Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth - 250mLAbout the product

    Ancient Earth Benefits:

    • Stimulates seed germination and root growth
    • Enhances the water-holding ability of soil
    • One of the most concentrated liquid humic products available
    • Contains only water soluble humates
    • Boosts chelating power
    • Greatly improves plant nutrient health
    • Enhances permeability of plant membranes
    • Highest quality product available
    When to use Ancient Earth:Use this product throughout the entire vegetative and flowering phases.

    Forget About Your Old Fulvic and Humic Acid Supplements and Tap into an Even Older, Organic Source of Power...

    For years now we’ve offered you Grandma Enggy’s H-2 and F-1, two revolutionary nutrient supplements derived from a single extraordinary compound called leonardite.

    But as you know, here at Advanced Nutrients, we never stop learning and growing in an effort to bring growers like you the very best and most fairly priced products on the market.

    So with this attitude in mind, we’ve combined these two state of the art products into one even more affordable and easy to use formula.

    The solution is Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth®.

    We combined fulvic and humic acids into a single nutrient formula that was specifically designed to fit the needs of the valuable plants we grow.

    Ancient Earth reduces the effects of salinity and pH fluctuations, increases your plants?uptake of the precious micronutrients that drive your plants to reach their optimum yield. Plus, you get double the value, because this one formula replaces two products previously sold separately.

    What's in the PackageAdditional Images

    - Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth - 250mL

    FIVE-STAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDOur company has a reputation for delivering excellent service, ensuring buyers' privacy, and delivering quality products at reasonable, competitive prices. We strive to earn a 5-star rating from every transaction. If you are satisfied with the product and service you receive, please take a moment to leave us positive seller response. In turn, we will also provide 5-star buyer response when your order leaves our facility. If by chance there was something unsatisfactory about your experience, please contact us, and we'll do what's necessary to remedy the problem and ensure 100% satisfaction!


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