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    8000W HID 8 Outlet Master Lighting Relay Controller for Indoor Grow Lighting 50A For Sale

    8000W HID 8 Outlet Master Lighting Relay Controller for Indoor Grow Lighting 50A

    Buy Now

    8000W HID 8 Outlet Master Lighting Relay Controller for Indoor Grow Lighting 50A:

    • Features :

      • Controls Up To Eight 1000W High Intensity Discharge (Hid) Ballasts, Including Both Metal Halide (Mh) And High Pressure Sodium (Hps) Lighting Systems.

      • Integrated 120V Trigger Cable Facilitates Any Timed Lighting Sequence When Connected To a Standard 24-Hour Timing Device

      • Green Led Indicator Illuminates When Light Controller. Is Activated And On Via The Trigger Cable Function.

      • Composed Of High-Quality Components For Reliable, Long-Term Performance.

      • Power Voltage: 120V Or 240V

      Receptacle Type:8 Universal Outlets

      Max Wattage: 8000W Total/ 1000 Watts Per Outlet

      Rated Amperage: 50Amps

      Trigger Cable Voltage: 120V

      Operating Temperature Range: 32-110°F

      Operating Humidity Range: 0-99% Rh Non condensing

      Minimum Relay Operations: 100,000 At Full Includes:

      1 X Light Control Box

      Important Precautions :

      • Consult a Licensed Electrician Prior To Installation Or Have The Unit Professionally Installed.

      • Do Not Install The Light Controller If You Are Unfamiliar With Electrical Wiring And Circuits Or If You Do Not Fully Understand The Instructions.

      • All Local And National Electrical Codes Must Be Followed.

      • Use The Light Controller Only For Its Intended Purpose.

      • Do Not Exceed The Maximum Ratings Of This Unit.

      • Verify All Devices To Be Controlled By The Light Controller Are Of The Correct Voltage.

      • Unit Is For Indoor Use Only. Exercise Extreme Caution In Moist Or Humid Environments.

      • Improper Installation Or Use Of This Controller Could Result In Severe Damage And/Or Personal Injury.

      Installation Noticeļ¼?/p>

      Do Not Connect Ballasts To The Light Controller Until After The Main Power Has Been Properly Installed.

      Verify Trigger Cable Is Disconnected From The External Timer Or Controller.

      Connect Ballast Power Cables To The Receptacles On The Light Controller.

      Connect The Trigger Cable To The External Timer Or Controller.

      On Aug-31-21 at 20:41:12 PDT, seller added the following information:

      Buy Now


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