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    2000W LED Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum + 48"x48"x80" Indoor Grow Tents Room Box For Sale

    2000W LED Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum + 48

    Buy Now

    2000W LED Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum + 48"x48"x80" Indoor Grow Tents Room Box:

    2000W LED Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum + 48"x48"x80" Indoor Grow Tents Grow Room Box

    Attention:We will send grow light & grow tent separated,you may not receive them at same time,please contract with our customs' service

    LED Grow Light Specifications:
    -Dimensions: 12.36x8.54x2.4 inches
    -Item Weight: 7.94 lbs

    -Use for all stages of plant growth

    -Full band(380nm-800nm),full Spectrum
    -Perfect for 3x3ft vegetative coverage at 24" Height
    -Perfect for 1.8x1.8ft flowering coverage at 18" Height
    -Input Voltage: AC100-240V

    -Wave length: 380nm-800nm
    -Frequency: 50-60Hz
    -Lifespan: >50,000hours
    -Warranty: one year warranty+30 days return guarantee
    Light Color:Purple
    Led Type:Newest SMD tech,more durable.
    Noise Level:45db,very quiet

    Working environment : -20~40 degree;45%~95%RH

    Grow Tent Features:

    -Weight:23.59 lbs

    -No odor

    -100% light proof,energy saving

    -100% water-resistant

    -Tear-proof,over 100% reflective mylar

    -Extra-thick canvas,double stitching

    -Vulcanized rubber3 Ways Connectors Corners,stabilizing and more durable

    -Double layers design at every outside of the corner,tear-proof and durable

    -According to the research we have done,we cancel the useless window in front of the grow tent,even the tiny pinhole along theseam beside thewindow may also cause light leak. D-type door is also easy to oberservation.Excellent airtightness.

    -D type door,open and observe easily

    -Heavy duty zippers,no trouble of repairing zipper

    -Removable floor tray for easy cleaning

    -With plastic connector,in case puncturing the grow tent corner

    -Easy and quick to assemble

    -High-grade materials and fine workmanship, durable and reliable to use

    -Warranty:Two years

    About the lighting time and height:

    Seeding Stage:16-18 hours on,36-40inch
    Growth Stage:12-16 hours on,18-24inch
    Flowering&Fruiting Stage:12 hours on,12-18inch
    The lighting time and height can be adjusted according to site environment and specific plant plants
    Tips for increasing lifespan: please let the light have a rest for about 20 mins after 7-8 hours working.

    Package Includes:

    1x Grow tent

    1 x LED Grow Light
    1 x Power Cord
    1 x Rope Hanger
    1 x Instruction
    Buy Now


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